Brok M. “Chata Tuska ” Weaver

The Two Wolves

Brok M. Weaver was born in McIntosh, Alabama. He is a member of the MOWA band of the Choctaw Indian Tribe in Alabama which is a smaller tribe and not yet federally recognized. During High School, Brok was introduced to fighting by his uncle who was a professional boxer. Brok picked up boxing quickly and soon became a young star in Alabama. He has fought over 40 amateur fights to include 24 amateur MMA fights. Brok is also proficient at bareknuckle boxing and has recently completed his third professional fight with the UFC. In addition to fighting, Brok is an accomplished public speaker and is pursuing a career in acting. Brok represents a strong voice in the Native American community and focuses on leadership training and motivation for young men. He is married to Chante Weaver who is also a proficient MMA fighter. In his free time Brok enjoys Anime and video gaming along with hunting, archery and ancient weapons training. He considers himself a Backyard Basketball Superstar and Comic book enthusiast.