Gary P. Campbell

"The iGen: Recruiting and Communicating with GenZ"

I literally became a public speaker because people kept asking me, “What the heck is wrong with your generation?!” (Gen Z). In my speeches and workshops, I deliver three main components:


1. What is the problem?

2. Why does this problem exist?

3. What is the solution?


What sets my program apart from others is my third point. Too often, I see similar speakers go over different problems, but they never give solutions. When I say solutions, I mean real answers that companies can implement in the workplace immediately. I am able to do this because I have done my research on both sides, and have been able to test and confirm these solutions work! My program sets the record straight on who this new workforce is, and more importantly, how to communicate with them. What I speak on is not only effective in managing this new generation in the workplace, but these methods can also be used at home for the people who have children in those age ranges.