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We are now living in unprecedented times! Companies are facing challenges they have never seen before. Many will be left behind...

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Our professional speakers bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be. We offer a dynamic portfolio of topics, personalities, and programs for every aspect of your company. 








Angela Grace Caine

"How to build Rocketships, Airplanes and Luxury cars in the Heart of Dixie"

Principal and Founder

Angela Grace Caine is an accomplished trial lawyer, executive coach and professional speaker. For over 25 years, Angela has worked with companies from Germany, Europe and Asia and has assisted them with the successful relocation and startup of their manufacturing operations in the southeast U.S. Angela also speaks regularly to state and local officials about best practices in recruiting new companies and workforce to their communities. She is a trusted adviser to business, legal and governmental professionals alike.

Gary P. Campbell

"The iGen: Recruiting and Communicating with GenZ"

Reaching The iGen

Technology has changed an entire generation. In two years, The iGen (born between 1996-2015) will represent 40% of the modern workforce. Older managers are struggling to communicate with a generation they don't truly understand and are often frustrated by the ways in which Gen Z learns and operates. 

Knowing the problem is only the first step, and communicating the solution may be even harder. After this program, you will know how to recruit, how to communicate with, and connect with Gen Z.


Here's What People Are Saying


HR Director

Excellent presentation at the SHRM Florida conference!


Thank you so much for the valuable insight you shared. I ended up taking 4 pages of notes!

RE: Gary Campbell's Presentation at the Annual Florida HR Conference


COX Communications

The overall presentation was very informative; I had a lightbulb moment midway through that really helped me with my overall understanding of Gen Z!

Shannon Miller
 VP of Legal for BSHRM

Our HR professionals went to school thanks to Adam’s insights on all perspectives of employment law - from representing companies to individuals. His candor and enhanced speaking style were a hit! 



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